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Our Portland Artists Pop-Up Event During Little Boxes!

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In our last blog post we discussed our city’s appreciation for supporting small local businesses by holding events like Little Boxes, a three-day event where participants earn raffles for prizes from participating small business in the city, and other neighborhood sales and events.  Since we are passionate about our philosophy as a city who values community over competition, we decided to host …

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Little Boxes Rewards Holiday Shoppers for Going Local

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Shopping small in Portland can mean saving big. And winning big too! As we discussed in our last blog, one of the reasons that Portland is considered a “small business town” is the amount of collaboration that happens in this city.   Here in our town, the idea of placing community over competition is more than a hashtag. It’s a …

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Holiday Paper Crafts for the Home and Planet

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Deck the hall with boughs of holly, but if you can’t get your hands on a real bough this holiday, what’s the next best thing? How nice would it be to have an autumnal wreath that doesn’t scatter leaves and pine needles throughout your home?   According to a study from Stanford University, Americans throw away 25% more trash during …

“Is Portland a Small Business Town?”

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It’s no secret that Portland loves to go local. It’s a part of the Portland “brand,” yet the convenience of buying from big box and online corporations from one’s own home keeps many from staying loyal to the stores just around the block. In 2008 alone, there were 62,633 businesses with fewer than 100 employees according to the Portland Business …

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6 Ways to Spread Your Wings and Celebrate the Every Day

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One of the best parts of printing is the number of occasions we get to help you celebrate. And best of all? You think outside the box.   When it comes to the artwork, invitations, flyers and business materials we print here in our shop in Portland, almost all of them call for a reason to celebrate. Whether it be …

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Why Do So Many People Love Print on Paper?

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Read this before your company decides to go paperless – the answers might surprise you. We are always thinking about all of our points of contact with our customers, and how to stay sustainable throughout the process. We know people often ask, ‘why might a company choose to print certain information, rather than communicate it digitally?’ Two Sides North America …

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3 Reasons to Support Small Business, and 3 Ways to Do it Better

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 In honor of the ‘month of love,’ Paperjam is celebrating our love of small business all February long! We’re offering Biz Bundle discounts (the more you need, the more you save), our president and co-founder Deborah just returned from another trip to Capitol Hill fighting for small business, and she even wrote the blog below. If you’ve ever wondered, “will …