Booklets are essentially by definition, small books. The booklets we print range in size from 4.25 x 5.5 up to 9 x 12 inches. They can be as simple as merely sheets of paper that are punched and placed in a binder, to more elaborate methods of binding.


With Paperjam’s hard-copy proof, you won’t get any unexpected and costly surprises on an entire print run of booklets that you might get from an on-line printer.

  • Your proof is printed on the paper stock of your choice
  • You’ll be able to catch mistakes before they go to print
  • You’ll have a chance to adjust colors and image quality to your satisfaction after reviewing your proof


Graphic design can make all the difference in how booklet is received. Rely on us for attractive, clean design to help simplify a complex issue, build support and awareness for your cause, and — last but not least — make you look good.

At Paperjam, we offer affordable and appropriate design for your project.

Find out how we can create a memorable, attractive design for your project. Our rates are quite reasonable at $40-60 per hour. Call or email us to make a design consultant appointment. The first 15 minutes is free.


Unlike many quick print shops, our press is color calibrated routinely to assure accurate color representation. And… whether you are a novice to the printing process, or even a seasoned pro, our experts will gladly assist you with application color settings so that you achieve the brightest colors possible.

Our standard booklets are printed on high quality 80# text paper which has a nice page turning feel and also makes colors pop. Although heavier weights of paper are available, 80# text has exceptional opacity so that images on one side can not be seen on the other.


An inexpensive bindery method in which pages are punched (drilled) and placed in either a ring or screw type notebook.

A plastic coil is inserted through holes punched into the book. Various diameters of coils are available corresponding with the thickness of the number of pages being bound. Characteristics: suitable for larger page counts because pieces lay flat when opened. In most cases spiral binding is the least expensive binding method for thicker books.

Spiral binding is typically used for instruction manuals, journals and workbooks.

Also known as staple binding, this method uses metal stitches to fasten pages together. Booklets assembled in this fashion are limited to 40 pages (10 sheets of paper) because of the physical restrictions caused by nesting multiple folded sheets together. Also, because sheets are folded, this type of booklets must contain pages in multiples of fours, with the smallest booklet possible having 8 pages. (2 folded sheets)

Perfect Binding yields what are commonly called paperback books. The interior sheets are bound to the cover using a liquid adhesive. Characteristics: impressive appearance, suitable for large page counts, spine can be printed with company name and/or title.


Because we are a digital print shop, orders as small as a single booklet up to a hundred or more are possible.

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