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Why Do So Many People Love Print on Paper?

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Read this before your company decides to go paperless – the answers might surprise you.

We are always thinking about all of our points of contact with our customers, and how to stay sustainable throughout the process. We know people often ask, ‘why might a company choose to print certain information, rather than communicate it digitally?’ Two Sides North America just released a helpful series of infographics on Why do so many people love print on paper? The infographics reference important results from U.S. consumer surveys conducted between 2015 and 2018 by Toluna, a global polling firm, and Two Sides North America.

Infographic by Two Sides North America

Paper is safe and secure.

The survey found that 78% of Americans keep hard copies of important documents filed at home as they believe this is the safest and most secure way of storing information. There is no risk of security breaching on information that is stored in the file cabinet.

Paper is trustworthy.

In a world of worries of “fake news,” information presented through digital media are more and more often met with skeptical eyes. The study found that 56% of Americans trust the news stories they read in printed newspaper, yet only 35% trust the news stories they read in social media.

Paper is sustainable.

Two Sides did some myth busting with what is often thought to be a common belief: that paper isn’t “green.” In fact, 91% of U.S. consumers surveyed that paper can be a sustainable way to communicate when responsibly produced, used and recycled.

And we’re sustainable too!

Here we are with our Blue Sky renewable energy certification. Using 100% Blue Sky renewable energy reduces our footprint by 9,293 pounds of carbon dioxide!

Did you know?

Paperjam Press sustainability facts:

  1. Most of our papers are at least 30% recycled and FSC, Green Seal, Green-E, and Chlorine Free Certified.
  2.  We carry several PC100 — 100% post consumer waste papers including Neenah Environment Papers and French Papers. French Papers operates 100% on Green Hydropower!
  3. We use 100%  Blue Sky renewable energy, reducing our footprint by 9, 293 pounds of carbon dioxide by supporting 10,281 kilowatt hours of renewable energy. That’s enough energy to drive a EV 31, 537 miles.
  4. We are currently working on the City of Portland’s “Sustainability at Work” Certification.
  5. If we don’t recycle our papers, we use them to make other products, such as our Sweet Notes made from our cotton paper scraps. We currently have other products in the work and they will be sold at Paperjam and maybe other Portland locations.

Want more information on paper and sustainability?

We have a basket of prints of this myth-busting infographic here at the shop for customers. Take a sneak peek:

Infographic by Two Sides North America, prints available at Paperjam Press

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Paperjam!