Styles of Labels:

We provide adhesive labels (also known as stickers) in two different fashions:

With this method stickers are printed in multiples on 12 x 18 inch label sheets with crack-and-peel backings. The sheets are then cut to the desired label size. Individual labels are generally less expensive to produce than kiss cut (described below) and beneficial when the intention is to distribute one sticker at a time. For example, when they are sold as a retail product.

Kiss cuts are precision controlled cuts that are just deep enough to penetrate the top portion of the sticker sheet without cutting into the backer. Stickers produced in this fashion are easier, and much faster to apply because they can be peeled out of the backing material and the backing sheet remains. Because kiss cut labels are produced on our laser machine, they can be made into interesting shapes.


Because we are a digital print shop, we can print small quantities of labels economically. ($20 minimum applies)


Available in a matte white, gloss white, kraft, and a waterproof vinyl – all with permanent adhesive

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