Flyers are communication pieces designed for mass distribution at low cost, and are often referred to as pamphlets, leaflets or circulars. Flyers are usually a plain single sheet of paper without any fold and often smaller in size than a regular size paper. They are similar to brochures which are ideal for promotions or campaigns however, without a fold they usually contain less information.


Our standard flyers are printed on high quality 80# text paper which has a nice feel and also makes colors pop. 32# bond is another option for economy.


Because we are a digital print shop, orders as small as 24 are possible.

Uses for Flyers:

Announcements of various events ( corporate , cultural , etc.).
Advertise new catering and service facilities , etc. .
Programs, cultural events , conferences , seminars , etc. .
Information about new products, services , yard sales
Source of information as part of advertising campaigns , actions , etc. .

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