Hollywood Theater’s 93rd Anniversary

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We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Hollywood Theater in the Hollywood business district in Northeast Portland! Hollywood Theater is one of Portland’s most iconic theaters. They are celebrating their 93rd anniversary this month! Paperjam works with many creatives and one of the artists we work with did a watercolor painting of the Hollywood Theater. We showed …

The True Power of Supporting Small Businesses

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There is nothing that gives me more joy than connecting with another small business owner in my neighborhood, city, and state. We understand each other and what it takes to run a small business.   It takes courage, resiliency, hard work, resourcefulness and lots of heart and soul.   It can be challenging and it can be rewarding.   I …

Black History Month 2019: Meet Keith Johns

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One thing we love about having a brick-and-mortar our business can call home is getting to build relationships with our community, and celebrating all of the different stories customers bring in with them.   As Black History Month 2019 draws to a close, we recognize that black history is American history. Today and every day of the year, we honor …

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Our Portland Artists Pop-Up Event During Little Boxes!

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In our last blog post we discussed our city’s appreciation for supporting small local businesses by holding events like Little Boxes, a three-day event where participants earn raffles for prizes from participating small business in the city, and other neighborhood sales and events.  Since we are passionate about our philosophy as a city who values community over competition, we decided to host …

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Little Boxes Rewards Holiday Shoppers for Going Local

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Shopping small in Portland can mean saving big. And winning big too! As we discussed in our last blog, one of the reasons that Portland is considered a “small business town” is the amount of collaboration that happens in this city.   Here in our town, the idea of placing community over competition is more than a hashtag. It’s a …