April Newsletter

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Worthy Prints & Design + Do You Know

This month we are featuring businesses that have used us to print a piece related to the Corona Virus pandemic. We asked each of them how their piece came to be – why choose print now and why this piece?

Delicious Empire for Visual Aid Postcard
Delicious Empire is a boutique design studio and their client, Visual Aid, is a video marketing studio. The need for physical distancing right now makes planning an in-person video shoot difficult, but there are still a lot of great options for making meaningful connections with audiences. Visual Aid and Delicious Empire have partnered together to bring clients expanded services, and created this postcard to share how they can continue to help during these difficult times.

Interested in working with either Delicious Empire or Visual Aid?

Visual Aid – Brand Storytelling
Delicious Empire – Design & Illustration

Cha Cha Cha’s Limited Menu
Cha Cha Cha typically has a fairly extensive menu that covers salads, soups, enchiladas, and more. With the switch to carryout/delivery orders only, they decided to pare down their menu to the most popular items to be more efficient in the kitchen.

Cha Cha Cha’s website – online ordering available!

The Arrow PDX
Erica, owner at The Arrow Coffeehouse, had always thought about doing a big mailer push at some point, but just never got around to it. “As I was I brainstorming ideas of how to keep sales going through all this, I thought now would be the right time to utilize that option. I wanted the design to set us apart from the rest of the junk mail and I wanted people to feel the experience of our shop when they looked at it – homey, bright, colorful, sweet – a hug in the mailbox with all the information needed to place an order.”  We love her image of a hug in the mailbox!

The Arrow Coffeehouse PDX’s website – online ordering available!

Deb Beechy – artist
Deb is a nurse that does art on the side. It has become official that even with the best respirator she is no longer able to tolerate any fumes due to her asthma and is not able to return to work for the local hospital due to social distancing protocols so making art goes right alongside any “day job”. “I’ve spray painted cards for about 8 years now and the cards get made as the orders come in. You and John really came through with making the painted scans look absolutely stunning in print. I really appreciate how you’ve been able to keep me and the cards in business as my art transitions to this next phase.”

What’s Up?

Our brick-and-mortar is closed to the public right now. Until we can reopen our doors, we are focused on serving you via our website, emails and the phone. Here’s what we are doing:

  • Gift Certificates can be purchased online!
  • Free document copying
  • 10% off all orders
  • Orders will be rush printed (with no additional fees) and mailed via USPS Priority Ship (1-2 day delivery)
  • Proofs are mailed to you free of charge.
  • Final orders will be delivered if you are within a 5 mile radius. If you live further away, we will ship to you free of any handling or packaging fees. Shipping charges are $8-12 within Portland.