We take pride in achieving accurate color reproduction for the posters we print. And, with an optional 5 dollar hard copy proof printed on the paper stock of your choice, you can rest assured there will be no unexpected surprises. Additionally we offer technical consultation to assist you with file settings, so that you get the color results you are looking for.

We use the highest quality papers (many are archival – acid free) Finishes include: uncoated, coated and gloss.


Because we are a digital print shop, we can print small quantities of posters economically. ($20 minimum applies)

Poster Sizes:

• 11 x 17 with or without bleed
• 12 x 18 with or without bleed
• 13 x 19 without bleed

Amazingly Low Poster Prices:

• 100 posters printed on 80# text, only $73.95

• 100 posters printed on 100# cover, only $93.95

(posters are all priced the same, meaning that an 11 x 17 is the same price as a 13 x 19)

Questions? Contact Customer Service