May Newsletter

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Worthy Prints

Place cards and Menus

Amy Wike of Amy Wike Illustrations had these lovely place cards and menus printed for her client's wedding.  The colors from her illustration turned out really vibrant!

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Vellum Overlay

Include your art in your wedding invitation! We've had several couples showcase family's member's art either on a background with a vellum overlay that contains wedding details or printed on the vellum overlay like our Sundance Floral Suite.

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Bilingual Invitations

Are you struggling to figure out how to include two languages on your wedding invitations? Take a tip from this bride who printed in English on one side and her native language on the other!  Other couples have split their print run and printed half in English and half in another language, which also works well, but does require you to make sure you address the envelope to someone who speaks that language.


Customize our Designs!

Have you seen one of our invitations and wished you could customize it?  Wish granted!  One bride saw our exclusive Sundance Floral Suite and loved the idea, but wanted it to be more rustic with evergreens instead of florals.  We delivered by printing on a kraft colored paper and created an evergreen forest on the vellum enclosure.  

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Do You Know


State of Weddings: May 2021

We've had three wedding invitations in on our "hold" list for a year.  As some couples have scheduled, rescheduled, and re-rescheduled weddings according to current CDC advice, county-level restrictions, and personal comfort level,  some have not.  

Thankfully, things are looking more hopeful.  A study from The Knot/Wedding Wire indicates that fall and winter couples seem to think the pandemic will (finally) be under control and more like a pre-pandemic  event.   The path to reopening Oregon outlined on May 11 backs up this hope: the state will drop statewide restrictions once 70% of the state is partially vaccinated and the Health Authority expects to meet that metric by the end of June.  

Does this mean everything will be back to normal by fall?  We have no idea.  Masks and social distancing may still be necessary in some situations, but the fluctuating maximum capacity that has been hampering firm wedding plans will likely be a thing of the past and that's worth celebrating.  

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What's Up?

50% off Envelope Liners

We're so excited that couples will finally get to have the party of their dreams that we're having an envelope liner sale!

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