June Newsletter

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Worthy Prints & Design

Lashed by Leilani
These amazing cards for Lashed by Leilani uses a gradient on our Stardream Silver paper to create a shimmery pink mood.

Lashed by Leilani on Instagram

Elijah Collier
Elijah Collier is a Portland based artist that ordered FREE art prints though our current promotion (see below).  Check out his Instagram to see how the painting compares to the reference photo – we think it’s amazing!

Elijah Collier on Instagram

Dovetail Beauty
Jennah at Dovetail Beauty is a licensed tattoo artist that specializes in Microblading and cosmetic enhancement.

Dovetail Beauty’s website

Do You Know?

Mindful Shopping.

Have you heard the term mindful shopping?  It refers to the practice of being intentional about where your money is going.  Is your spending supporting or undermining your values?  How are your purchases made, who makes them, and where does the money go?

Paperjam is a woman owned small business with <5 employees and Deb has been passionate about small businesses and access to capital for years.

Did you know that 98% of Portland’s neighborhood businesses have 5 or fewer employees? Or that 70% of every dollar you spend in local small businesses stays in the local economy?  Small businesses are engaged face to face with the people in our communities and help create the livelihood that makes our main streets, small towns, and business districts vibrant and charming.  If you are spending money at [insert big box store here] instead of a local, small business, are you demonstrating that you value the convenience or cost savings over your community?

As the pandemic continues, small businesses are continuing to struggle. Foot traffic is down.  Fairs and events that generate revenue are cancelled.  Many are out of work or have fewer hours and less discretionary income.

If you value Black owned businesses, support them with your dollars.

If you value women owned businesses, support them with your cash.

If you value BIPOC owned businesses, support them with your money.

It might be a few dollars more, but those few dollars go further in your local economy than another Amazon purchase does.

Ask yourself these 3 questions before you choose a business to work with:

  1. Do they have the products and services that you need?
  2. Do they share your values?
  3. Are they giving back to the community?

As part of our ongoing commitment to amplify the BIPOC community, we wanted to share some businesses we have worked with in the past couple months:

What’s Up?

LOCAL PORTLAND ARTISTS: We’re giving away FREE prints for artwork that deals with racial inequality or police brutality. Choose from 75 postcards (4×6, 4.25×6, or 4.25×5.5), 50 small posters (8.5×11) or 25 large posters (12×18).

Redeem by Requesting a Quote and put “racial injustice” in the notes section. One free order person. Content must relate to police brutality or racial injustice. Only 1 version per item (i.e. all the postcards or posters must be the same). Files must be submitted print ready (see FAQ on website). Shipping and proofs not included.

Last Week to Vote!

If you have a moment, please vote for us in Willamette Week’s Annual Best of Portland Reader’s Poll! Polls close June 26.