November Newsletter

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Worthy Prints & Design

2020 calendars may have proved useless, but we have hope for 2021!  So do these fine people who have printed calendars for the new year:

Do You Know?

This year has been hard on everyone, particularly local retailers trying to keep their doors open (meanwhile, Amazon has tripled their profits).

This year, PDXsos has created the Portland Pledge. Follow them on social media or keep an eye on ours to see how you can participate and where to get the brochure featuring local businesses (we’re going to be in it!).  

Take the #PortlandPledge this holiday season to buy all your holiday gifts at small and local shops. Here’s why we need the Portland Pledge this holiday season:

  1. The uncertainty of how another wave of covid may impact the crucial holiday shopping season.
  2. Research shows that 70% of people will be doing their shopping online.
  3. People who want to support local could use a little help in how and where to shop locally for the holidays.

As we mentioned in June, 70% of every dollar you spend in local small businesses stays in the local economy?  Small businesses are engaged face to face with the people in our communities and help create the livelihood that makes our main streets, small towns, and business districts vibrant and charming.  If you are spending money at [insert big box store here] instead of a local, small business, are you demonstrating that you value the convenience or cost savings over your community?

What’s Up?

We have improved our website and you can now order personalized holiday cards online!

More Holiday Cards

We are working on expanding what can be ordered online.  You can still request a quote for custom holiday cards and bring in a predesigned card to print.