August Newsletter

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Worthy Prints & Design

Booklets are a great way to get someone lots of information.  There is less face-to-face time when selling anything these days, so consider a leaving a booklet behind to communicate when you can’t.

Rescheduled Wedding
Did you have to reschedule the wedding after sending out invitations?  Send an update so your guests know what your new plans are.  We designed this flat, single sided card ready to customize with your dates and photo.


What is your restaurant doing for menus these days? Digital menus are a popular touchless method, but sometimes you need to have a paper backup because your guests can’t get at signal or forgot their phone. We have several options: consider a 20#Bond or 80#Text weight paper if you want diners to take the menu home with them. If you want reusable menus, check out our waterproof paper!

• Taqueria Los Puñales [Official]

• Taqueria Los Puñales [Instagram]

Do You Know?

Dusty and Sarah came to us to have wedding invitations and bookmark favors printed. Just before their wedding in July 2020, they had fans printed with COVID-19 rules. We asked if they had advice for couples having a wedding during the pandemic and this is what they had to say.

What’s Up?

It’s hard to be a small business right now. We want to help by offering 10% off for all new business customers looking for some business basics.