March Newsletter

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Worthy Prints

Postcard Books

Have you considered turning your artwork or photography into postcard books?  It's a great way to showcase your work and promote snail mail.  Frank Engel's postcard book focuses on tender views of Portland bridges.   

Frank Engel Photography


Wedding Invitations

These eucalyptus wedding invitations were printed on French Paper in Speckletone, adding a softness to the look.  Matching envelopes finish the look.


Tiki Prints

Roger Hudnut recently started printing with us and has been quite prolific.  His subject switches from tiki prints to motorcycles to hot rods but keeps the same colorful, retro style.  



Wrapping Paper

Little Leaf Ink just branched out into wrapping paper and we think her designs look fantastic as patterns.  Check them out in person at our outdoor event on Saturday, March 20!

Little Leaf Ink


Do You Know

Many people take for granted how easy it is view a menu or schedule a doctors appointment online.  The answer to many problems seems to be "add technology" without realizing that can make it inaccessible to some segments of the population - Americans who are uncomfortable with or unable to access that technology.  The most well intentioned outreaches fail when communication is digital only and not accessible to all.  

Currently, some of the least likely to be online are also some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and eligible to be vaccinated.  While the US seems to have gone with a digital-first model of disseminating information, other countries, including tech savvy nations like Japan, are using paper and mail, which is the most accessible to notify people.  The Veterans Administration also has inclusive communication policies and is also using paper and mail to inform the military.

The 2020 Census was the first time people were encouraged to complete the census online.  While the Census Bureau made effort to bridge the digital divide by sending hard copy questionnaires to some households, it may well have underestimated the number without access.  Between the Census Bureau hiring fewer people than in 2010 to collect data, the pandemic and social distancing beginning in March 2020 just as data collection began, and the decision to end the count 4 weeks early, many households may have been left out of the official census total.  As the census determines how much states receive in federal funding and the drawing political districts, undercounts can have serious implications for public safety, public health, summer job programs, and more.

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What's Up?

Meet the Artist

We are so excited that spring is coming that we are planning an outdoor event to celebrate with you!  We will be handing out spring flowers and selling a wonderful collection of flower cards on March 20 from 10-4

From 11-3, we are delighted to feature Briana Rossi of Little Leaf Ink.  Briana is a local watercolor flower artist and she will be painting her flower.  Her cards prints, and jounrals will be for sale as well.  

Please come say hi and join the community fun and take home a flower to brighten your home.

Little Leaf Ink