Fall 2021 Newsletter

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Worthy Prints

Pizza Thief Menu

Pizza Thief is a new NY style pizzeria in NW Portland that opened in June. They needed some menus and we got to layout and print these for them!

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pizza thief menu image

Nacheaux Flyer

Our neighbors across the street at Nacheaux have taken over the old Alameda Brewhouse and are having a town hall to meet their neighbors! They printed up some bright flyers to get the word out.

address: 4765 NE Fremont, Portland, Oregon 97213

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Cha Cha Cha Menu

Cha Cha Cha refreshed their menus and we got to design and print them! They opted for waterproof paper, which works great for menus because they can be sanitized between customers.

address: Many locations Find one near you

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Cha Cha Cha menu

Eat & Drink Local Passport

A group of NE Portland restaurants and bars came together to create a local passport. Once the participants collect a page of stamps, they can enter a drawing for incredible local goods

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Do You Know


Paper Weight, Size, and Environmental Impact

If you buy paper for your home printer in the US, you will likely get a ream of letter sized sheets (8.5x11) that are about 20# text weight.  Print shops can typically print on much larger sheets of paper - Paperjam's max size is 13" x 19" - and offer a wide variety of paper options.

But why do we measure paper in pounds (a sheet is so light!) and why do we print on larger sheets?

In North America, paper manufacturers calculate basis weight or ream weight by counting out 500 sheets of paper to a given size and then weighing it.  All text weight paper is cut to 25" x 38" while all cover weight paper is cut to 20" x 26".  If a ream of 25" x 38" text weight paper is 80 lbs, we call it 80#T.  If a ream of 20" x 26" cover weight paper is 80lbs, we call it 80#C.  Because the of the size variations, these two papers that share the same basis weight will feel nothing alike.  The 80#T will be lighter weight (like a very heavy copy paper) and the 80#C will feel like a light card stock.

So why don't we print on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper?  It's far more efficient for us to gang up all our print jobs on larger press sheets and trim it down after printing.  We can also print jobs that require larger paper - a booklet that folds to 8.5" x 11" and has color that does all the way to the edges has a print area of 11.25" x 17.25."  If you want to print a smaller item, like a business card, it is far more efficient for you to provide a single card and let our press to impose it on the press sheet and cut it down.

How do you know the right paper for you?  Everyone at Paperjam can help guide you on the best paper for your project, just ask!  Concerned about the environmental impact of paper?

Many of our papers are:

  • FSC Certified - supports well-managed forests and responsible use of forest resources
  • 30%-100% Post-consumer Recycled
  • Green Seal Certified - a minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber is uses meets federal procurement guidelines
  • Green-E certified - manufacturd with renewable electricity
  • PCF - Processes chlorine-free

We also have a few alternative fiber choices.  Cotton paper are a byproduct of the cotton industry and considered a recovered fiber - it isn't strictly "recycled" but it is environmentally responsible.  Hemp is considered environmentally responsible because hemp plants grow much more quickly and densely than trees: over 20 years, one acre of hemp produces the same amount of paper as 4 to 20 acres of trees.

What's Up?

From John & Deb...

It’s hard to believe that we have been in the printing and design business for 30 years. Time flies when you are having fun! Well, it all started in 1990 with the birth of our son, Myles, when we designed a birth announcement for him. With encouragement from family and friends we launched our first business called BabyFace Birth Announcements. In 1998 we went a different direction and expanded our offerings to include custom photographic items including birth announcements, social occasion invitations, and holiday cards under the name of Take Notice Card Company. At the peak of this business we were in over 500 stores across the nation. Over 12 years we were recognized as leaders for custom photo holiday cards. We can even brag about doing some celebrity holiday cards for Diane Keaton, Christian Slater, and Howie Mandel. In 2009, The Deep Recession arrived and our business was deeply affected. With our resilience and determination, we shifted and became a local print and design shop called Paperjam Press. And now that baby is 31 years and our main printer! We are happy to say that we are celebrating 12 years in our latest business and 30 years altogether.

Our biggest thanks goes out to our customers. You have helped keep the lights on, gave us purpose for being the best we can be, and most recently have supported the importance of shopping local. This truly has become the theme of 2021! We are consistently hearing from new customers that they want to support local which also aligns with our values. Supporting the local economy makes for a more stable financial environment – keeping our money circulating locally. And we do our very best to “walk our talk.” We dine at our local restaurants, bank at a local community bank, shop for clothes and other items in our local retail stores. Our neighborhood business district, Beaumont Village, feels like a small town offering many goods and services that we need and all within a walk or short drive. It makes life so much simpler to shop local.

In closing, we would like to say how important it is to show kindness and respect for all people regardless of their skin color, religion or sexual orientation. What goes around comes around. We are all in this together… we are all better off when we are all better off.

All our best,
Deb and John

Celebrate with us in store on Fridays from 12-2!

Friday, September 17th — Pizza Thief + Jarad Hadi’s specialty wine

Friday, September 24th — Val’s Cakes— chocolate and vanilla! 

Sapphira, Myles, Benny the dog, John, Deb, and Julie