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6 Ways to Spread Your Wings and Celebrate the Every Day

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One of the best parts of printing is the number of occasions we get to help you celebrate. And best of all? You think outside the box.   When it comes to the artwork, invitations, flyers and business materials we print here in our shop in Portland, almost all of them call for a reason to celebrate. Whether it be …

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Celebrating the Cultural Diversity of Weddings in America

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“I am writing to you on Summer Solstice – a favorite celebration for me because it signals that summer is here with longer days, and the sun will be shining down on us more often— Although at this moment, it looks like it is going to start raining! The trees and plants are full, the birds are singing, the parks …

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Why Do So Many People Love Print on Paper?

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Read this before your company decides to go paperless – the answers might surprise you. We are always thinking about all of our points of contact with our customers, and how to stay sustainable throughout the process. We know people often ask, ‘why might a company choose to print certain information, rather than communicate it digitally?’ Two Sides North America …


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The rainy season is approaching and you slowly begin finding yourself spending more and more time indoors trying to stay warm and dry. You’ve probably searched Pinterest, Google, Etsy, and other places trying to find things to do to fill your evenings spent inside. If your search hasn’t revealed the paper trend Quilling to you, then you are missing out.  Quilling is a paper art form …

Worthy Prints- September 2015

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This month we made stencils for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign using our laser cutter! New cards printed by local artist Ashley Mersereau! Prints for The Peoples Yoga about a new class! Colorful posters for local musician Caleb Klauder for an upcoming event!

Wedding Invitation Deals

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Wedding season is in full swing, and we’re here to help! For the next month, we’d love to make your wedding invitation process as smooth as possible by saving you time and money! Paperjam Press is offering a sweet deal on DIY Wedding Invitations!  All we need is for you to bring in your wedding suite designs and choose to print four …

DIY Wedding Invitations

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Looking for wedding invitation suite inspiration? On a budget? Why not do it yourself! “DIY-ing” your wedding suite is just one way to save cash for your big day! We thought we’d gather some DIY wedding suite motivation for you to add to your inspiration board. This wedding season, we keep seeing themes of rustic romance, vintage garden, retro forest, and art deco. Soft …

Worthy Prints January 2015

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Adorable Flat Holiday Cards   Vinyl Stickers for local band, Soccer Babes   Brewing Prints for a local artist on 100% Recycled Desert Storm   Lovely Elopement Announcements   Rounded Corner Business Cards Honey Labels for a local beekeeper Pet Holiday Cards are the cutest! Though we did not print these, the vintage-style round perforations were done through us!  Greeting …

D.I.Y. Holiday Paper Crafts

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Hi paper lovers! Emily, here! Since I’m always thinking of new creative ways to use our recycled paper for decorations and gifts, I’ve been collecting some paper craft tutorials that can be easily replicated at home! With holiday season quickly approaching, and our focus on DIY cards this month, I figured this would be the perfect time to share some …

Customer Spotlight: Arrowyn Craban Lauer

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“Elegant eco-friendly kitsch for your heart and home“ Arrowyn Craban Lauer is the owner and designer of Little Gold Fox Designs, a local sustainable design and paper goods company. We asked her to tell us a bit about how she got started in the paper goods and design world! “I’ve been working as a graphic designer and web developer for …

Our Printing Timeline

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John and Deborah Field got started in the digital printing business 24 years ago. John, a fine arts illustrator, had a busy life as a commercial artist. Deborah, an accountant, thrived in her corporate career. Then, twenty-four years ago, they had a son, Myles,  and his engaging little face launched a new business.  John created a birth announcement that featured …