Behind The Scenes (Window Display)

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Our theme of the month is “Back to Writing”, we wanted to take that theme to our window displays and create a bold graphic that will really pop on these grey days to come. We wanted to take you step by step on how our designer Emily has created this display! Everything starts by using our design program and creating …


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The rainy season is approaching and you slowly begin finding yourself spending more and more time indoors trying to stay warm and dry. You’ve probably searched Pinterest, Google, Etsy, and other places trying to find things to do to fill your evenings spent inside. If your search hasn’t revealed the paper trend Quilling to you, then you are missing out.  Quilling is a paper art form …

Creative Juicer

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Get your creative juices flowing with the people from Vimeo as they take you through a series of how-to videos exploring the art of the home movie – grab your dolly zoom and start filming!