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The rainy season is approaching and you slowly begin finding yourself spending more and more time indoors trying to stay warm and dry. You’ve probably searched Pinterest, Google, Etsy, and other places trying to find things to do to fill your evenings spent inside. If your search hasn’t revealed the paper trend Quilling to you, then you are missing out.  Quilling is a paper art form …

Wedding Invitation Deals

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Wedding season is in full swing, and we’re here to help! For the next month, we’d love to make your wedding invitation process as smooth as possible by saving you time and money! Paperjam Press is offering a sweet deal on DIY Wedding Invitations!  All we need is for you to bring in your wedding suite designs and choose to print four …

D.I.Y. Holiday Paper Crafts

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Hi paper lovers! Emily, here! Since I’m always thinking of new creative ways to use our recycled paper for decorations and gifts, I’ve been collecting some paper craft tutorials that can be easily replicated at home! With holiday season quickly approaching, and our focus on DIY cards this month, I figured this would be the perfect time to share some …

Our Printing Timeline

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John and Deborah Field got started in the digital printing business 24 years ago. John, a fine arts illustrator, had a busy life as a commercial artist. Deborah, an accountant, thrived in her corporate career. Then, twenty-four years ago, they had a son, Myles,  and his engaging little face launched a new business.  John created a birth announcement that featured …

Vintage Services

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How come we’re always looking for new technology to help us create things, when antique processes and hand-made is often the most coveted?! There is something nostalgic, something exciting about using an old process to create something new! Though we’re living in a digital world, we often find ourselves looking back to old machinery like letterpress and our new service, …

holiday card printing

Holiday Card Ideas

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Halloween candy is barely off the shelves and we already have to start thinking about the Holiday Season. Invites for parties, decorations for dinners, and presents for friends and family are all on the brain. And don’t forget holiday cards! This is the time of year to reflect on your accomplishments and milestones during 2013. Share those thoughts with your …

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The Art of Paper Mache and Paper Costumes

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One of our favorite holidays is upon us: HALLOWEEN!! We love the smell of autumn in the air, the themed candies at grocery stores, and the excitement of children thinking of creative costumes. A very EASY and AFFORDABLE costume solution is to use PAPER!! Paper Mached Angry Birds Our favorite, albeit messy, way of creating something out of paper is …

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For the Love of Paper and Art

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We have deep gratitude for paper and deeper gratitude for the positive changes that have occurred in the paper industry: creating tree farms, using energy efficiently in mills, creating a sustainable product, and promoting recycling. Even though paper has taken some hard blows in the last several years we want to continue to educate the consumers on the goodness of …

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Party Planning your Thanksgiving Meal

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A lot of people think the most important part of a Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. The turkey is delicious, but the planning behind the meal and the big dinner is the most important part of the day! What sides do you serve? Who are you inviting? Do you have enough plates and silverware for all your guests? Here are …

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Fall Paper Crafts

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Crafts with paper can be one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to decorate your house. October is a great month to play around with fall colors and spooky Halloween creatures. Here are a few fun ways to spend a rainy Portland day inside with your friends and family in order to get your house all ready for Autumn. …