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The rainy season is approaching and you slowly begin finding yourself spending more and more time indoors trying to stay warm and dry. You’ve probably searched Pinterest, Google, Etsy, and other places trying to find things to do to fill your evenings spent inside. If your search hasn’t revealed the paper trend Quilling to you, then you are missing out.  Quilling is a paper art form where thin strips of paper are rolled and shaped, and then glued onto paper to create awesome designs. You can use many kinds of paper, it just has to be cut into strips. Maybe a fun idea for our leftover trimmings!

 These would make beautiful fall decorations!


There are even some spooky designs for Halloween coming up at the end of the month!



Quilling has been around since the Renaissance. It was used to decorate boxes, books, and even furniture. During those days it was a craft for the aristocrats. They believed it was a craft that was not too taxing on the mind or body (Of course, aristocratic women in the Renaissance didn’t do any laborious work).


Even though in our times, we can’t really spend our entire lives avoiding hard labor, Quilling can provide a break from the stress that we experience in our world today. And because of how far technology has advanced, today we have access to a much wider variety of colors and different papers to make truly unique and beautiful designs.

It’s amazing that there are so many things we can do with paper!