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For the Love of Paper and Art

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We have deep gratitude for paper and deeper gratitude for the positive changes that have occurred in the paper industry: creating tree farms, using energy efficiently in mills, creating a sustainable product, and promoting recycling. Even though paper has taken some hard blows in the last several years we want to continue to educate the consumers on the goodness of paper. It is a natural resource, it is sustainable, and it is recyclable.

You probably use paper everyday, or at least every week, in your life. You probably don’t stop to think how it was designed for it’s thickness, what kind of finish it has, or what it is made out of. Even if you don’t use paper everyday, I bet you see at least one paper product throughout your day. From coupons to business cards to menus, paper is involved. You can fold paper into fun objects, you can cut it up to make a collage, or you can print on it to make a beautiful piece of art.

Paper is useful and artistic. This month we are featuring designs by our new card artists to show off how design and paper combine to make art. Tell us about how you use paper. Is it just for practical, business purposes? Or do you craft and design with it?

Here are some inspiring pictures we found on the web to remind you of Art and Paper: