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Holiday Card Ideas

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Halloween candy is barely off the shelves and we already have to start thinking about the Holiday Season. Invites for parties, decorations for dinners, and presents for friends and family are all on the brain. And don’t forget holiday cards!

This is the time of year to reflect on your accomplishments and milestones during 2013. Share those thoughts with your friends and family in the form of cards. After all, who doesn’t like to receive something in the mail during the holidays? If your brain is fried from all the other ‘must-dos’, we’ve scoured the internet for creative and adorable ideas.



Make paper holiday props or dress up in holiday costumes and take pictures of your family for cards.



Cut out snowflakes, trees, and ornaments within a card, or use construction paper to add a 3D  element.



Have fun with your newsletter. Make a top 10 list, a word search, or connect-the-dot game out of your favorite things from 2013.

However you decide to create your holiday reflection for everyone to enjoy, be creative! Our favorite cards to print are those with love behind every detail.