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Worthy Prints 

Drea D Illustrations

Drea’s illustrations are often dark, humorous, and niche geeky – in other words, delightful. Find her at Rose City ComicCon at Booth 711!

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McKenna Marvin

McKenna’s watercolors often portray strong women in ethereal poses. Find her at Rose City ComicCon in Artist Alley at Booth HH10!

McKenna Marvin InstagramMcKenna Marvin’s Etsy

Jeremy Androschuk

The internet was made for cats and Jeremy seems to include one in most of his whimsical illustrations. Check him out at Rose City ComicCon in Artist Alley at Booth T01!

Jeremy’s Instagram

Do You Know?

Ever wonder how a printed effect is achieved? Sometimes it’s in the paper! Paper can be an integral part of your design. More than just a plain white surface to be printed on, it can add warmth, texture, or depth to a printed piece.

By using pearlized paper, this piece effectively adds a third color to the print. It would look completely different on a white paper!

What’s Up?

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