Behind The Scenes At Paperjam

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Say HELLO to our brand spankin’ new newsletter section, Behind the Scenes, in which we give you glimpse of every-day production. We’d like to keep Paperjam’s Production process transparent and keep you guys involved! Here, we will focus on the members that make up Paperjam, our equipment that keeps us running, and updates to the inner workings of our building, business, and product.

For the month of August, we’d like to introduce our booklet making process! A very detail oriented, involved, multi-step process that often takes a longer turnaround time.

Our Lead Printer, Myles, runs us through the steps he takes to make sure your booklets are up to par!

_MG_4616“I quickly check if dimensions are correct, if the bleed is correct, and if the number of pages is divisible by four. If everything’s good to go, I proceed with printing, creasing, binding, and cutting. Each process is completed with detail and quality.”

“If files fit within the right specs, our press can complete the job entirely internally. This isn’t the case for every booklet, but when it does hit these specs, it makes for a much smoother production process. This press can be quite the time-saver!”




Myles talks about his favorite booklets he prints – – –

“Ezra Butt’s booklet jobs are my favorite. His comics aren’t standard by any means and cannot be completed within our press, as he has custom dimensions and hand-stitches the binding himself. But, they’re my favorite because of the humor – it brings a laugh to a tough printing day.” 




To inquire about printing your own booklets, please inquire via email [email protected]/ . All booklet orders require complete design files in order to quote.