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For some, teaching is a passion. Some special souls wake up with joy every morning knowing that they are responsible for shaping the minds of our societies youth. One local teacher is shaping minds of elementary school children even in her retirement.  This woman is Ruth Anne McCullough, and she is a writer who has been printing projects with Paperjam for the last several years.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she has just recently retired from her career as an elementary school teacher. Her favorite subjects to teach were writing, music, theatre, and history. She now focuses on her writing and finds her best inspiration comes in the early morning or in the middle of the night when it is quiet.

Even in retirement it seems she dabbles in many subjects. When she’s not writing she loves to enjoy the Performing Arts and supports her Community Theatre. Ruth also plays the piano and has taught piano for many years. Through retirement she has explored some unique opportunities, such as driving for Uber; which has lead her to meet some new characters. When she’s not traveling, writing, or Ubering you can find Ruth dancing, swimming, hiking, or camping.

Ruth has three grown children of her own, Alec, Alex, and Katie. She presently lives in Beaverton, Oregon when she is not traveling.

Ruth Anne’s writing  has led her to publishing a  children’s book called “Living in a Small Town can be A Wonderful Thing,” that we printed here at Paperjam.


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