Customer Spotlight: Community Supported Fishery

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Here is Jeff Wong, a local entrepreneur and co-owner of Community Supported Fishery, who also happens to be a great Paperjam customer!

Below Jeff speaks about his company!



Our company, Community Supported Fishery is a hybrid CSF model in that we are distributing to a member base through subscriptions but instead of members having to subscribe to a set delivery schedule, we are allowing them to become members then order their seafood products as they need them. This gives our members an option instead of feeling obligated to take a weekly or monthly distribution. What also sets us apart from other CSF’s is that we also cater to wholesale customers such as New Seasons and select restaurants, like Blackbird Wine Shop right on NE Fremont.

One of our many goals is to foster a relationship between the fisherman and the consumer. Most seafood products are sold through distribution, where as our products are self distributed by us, the fishermen through our own licensed processing and distribution facility. By working with a partner such as New Seasons we are able to share our philosophy and values with the consumer.

All of our fish is line caught using sustainable harvest methods which eliminates by-catch and habitat destruction, unlike trawl and net caught by-catch fisheries. By having our own facility located on the coast and utilizing our own distribution system, we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of our product by delivering directly to the customer.

Here is their business card, printed right here at Paperjam!

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