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Customer Spotlight: Marlene Zeiger

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Marlene Zeiger, of Marlene Zeiger Design, interior design.


The aura of Marlene Zeiger Design, is evocative of its logo: a house at the core of a lotus flower, which for some symbolizes the sun and creation. This represents a deep commitment to creating the essence of home within the beauty of form.

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Growing up in a housing project in Oakland, California, Marlene was passionate about finding grace in small things. As a VISTA volunteer and a project developer for the Neighborhood Youth Corps, she learned about transformation by producing and managing compelling programs (i.e. an alternative high school, a teen theater). As a design student, Marlene excelled in hand drawing. She discovered one of her strengths: the ability to sketch beautiful, evocative drawings and models, enabling clients to be more involved in the process of visualizing their ideas as they evolve.

Marlene studied with the eminent scholar and architect, Christopher Alexander, who authored many respected architectural books, including A Pattern Language. She has a natural and intuitive ability, a strong design education (including a BFA in Interior Design and a Master of Architecture from UC-Berkeley), and 22 years of experience creating rooms that are alive and soulful.


Marlene Zeiger moved last year, from San Francisco (for many reasons – not the least of which is a beautiful daughter) and has spent the past winter becoming familiar with Portland’s local fabulous resources (suppliers, trades, workrooms, furniture companies, and cabinet makers) and she is now ready to open the design doors to a new world of possibility!


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