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Hello! Emily, the paper elf, here! Are you stuck on choosing a paper for your printing job? I’m here to help! There are standard uses for certain types of paper in the printing world, but most people are unfamiliar with the terminology or results. I get to the nitty gritty with the different types of sheets offered at Paperjam Press, to help you pick the perfect paper for your prints!

Though Paperjam offers over 30 styles of paper, I’ll focus on a few of their most commonly printed-on papers (which also happen to be my favorite!): uncoated, coated, recycled kraft, and recycled natural white.


Uncoated papers can be used for almost any printing project! It can come in a variety of different weights (such as text or cover, 80# or 100#, etc.) and names (lynx vs. cougar, etc.), but we tend to love our good ol’ trusty 100# cover. Most people use this to print business cards, greeting cards, post cards, etc. It provides a matte look, disregarding the natural sheen reflected off of the ink, with a smooth finish – perfect for holding in your hand!


Coated papers have many uses as well – business cards, brochures, notecards, or art prints. It is also offered in a variety of different weights and names, just as uncoated paper. What coated paper has that uncoated paper doesn’t, is a silky & shiny finish. The glimmer isn’t quite as luminous as a glossy paper, but noticeably lustrous when compared to uncoated paper.  Customers at Paperjam love to use coated paper when they want to add a bit of shine or POP to their projects. Coated paper is often the best choice for the reproduction of a photographic image.


This is a type of Paperjam’s uncoated paper and it is 100% RECYCLED! It has that same matte finish as our regular uncoated paper, but with a moral affirmation that what you are doing is right. You feel better about printing on paper when it’s 100% post-consumer product!


Paperjam’s 100% recycled environment paper looks like kraft paper. It has been flying off the shelves, creating quite the hub in the DIY and creative communities. It is exactly the same as the recycled natural white uncoated paper, except that the color is brown with a few recycled brown speckles! And again, I feel like a wonder woman recycler when printing on it!

Don’t forget to look out for next month’s newsletter in which I follow up our discussion with premium and specialty papers!

Thanks for reading!