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Bella Flora Studio

Elaine Falbo, owner of Bella Flora Studio

Bella Flora Studio

Elaine’s studio, Bella Flora has been at 44th and Fremont for nearly 16 years—before that she owned Wild Flowers on Hawthorne, and spent time in a variety of studios, always within a short distance from her three children so that she could be available to attend school events, performances, or just to be available to pick up a sick child.

She has spend more than 34 years weaving pussy willow baskets, gathering wild roses for garlands, stitching fairy dresses & tutus, making band hats, gluing wings, designing fairy furniture, and teaching classes on needle felting, basket weaving and fairy furniture.

For a short amount of time she worked in Cheyenne Apache Bead and Indian Jewelry shop in Morgan’s Alley in downtown Portland with Deborah, co-owner of Paperjam Press. Yes, their lives have crossed many times throughout the past 40 years.

One of Elaine’s big loves is the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Oregon. She has been doing this fair for 27 years! When asked what the fair means to her, she said, “ it is a massage of the heart and a time for rejuvenation” and she returns to Portland refreshed and inspired to keep creating.

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Elaine started making the fairy furniture when a good friend of hers was getting married and asked her to make a cake top for the wedding cake. She had just broken her wrist so she could not weave. She went to the flower market and got the idea to make a bed with flowers, twigs and other found objects. This was the beginning of her fairy furniture!

Elaine has been a Paperjam customer for several years and they helped her design her very first business card! It is true – after 30 plus years in the business she chose Paperjam to help her design and professionally print her business card. They have designed postcards & posters, and collaborated with her on a “cake walk” poster for one of the Fremont Fests, which is available for purchase at Bella Flora.

Residents and business owners of the neighborhood were sad to hear that Elaine is moving her studio to a new location. Deborah is certain that their paths will cross again and knows that Elaine will attract a new group of followers inspired by her unique sense of design and creativity. And you can be sure that you will find no price tags on her creations.

You can find her at the new location: 2721 NE 7th Avenue (corner of 7th and Knott)