Coloring Books

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The sun is out and the Summer is in full swing!  It’s that time of year to lounge around and re-read your favorite book, float down the river on your brightly colored inner tube, or grab a coloring book to keep your inner childhood alive.  Yes, that’s right I said coloring book! As you get older it’s nice to take a break from the everyday routine and engage you inner child.  Every now and then we have customers come in to print their own coloring book and every time I find my inner child wanting to grab a fresh box crayons and go crazy with it!  I rummaged around the internet and found this wonderful site that list quirky and hilarious coloring books.  Click on the bottom two images to check out their website and get inspired to come in and print your own off beat coloring book!   Perfect idea for a fun  personalized gift or for those long family road trips!


*One of lovely customers fun coloring book *IMG_3855(3)


*Coloring book examples from Mental Floss*

*Click on the images below to check out other ideas for fun coloring books!*Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.15.38 AM

*You can’t go wrong with a Bill Murray coloring book <3*Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.14.34 AM