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Two Sides U.S., Inc.

The independent, non-profit company, Two Sides U.S., Inc. has been on our radar for a while now. They follow a mission set by the Graphic Communications Supply Chain, which promotes responsible use of forestry, paper, pulp, and ink, specifically regarding printing and publishing. They strive to spread the word of sustainability practices within the printing industry, and to help customers gain confidence in paper and printing usage. Two Sides provides information to consumers about paper as a sustainable, practical medium, disproving common environmental misconceptions about paper use. Two Sides ensures that paper is a recyclable and renewable resource, perfect for regular use today and in the future.

Here, Two Sides breaks down some common misconceptions about paper use:


Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made form trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of Americans. Working forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago.


What we’re saying is, it’s OKAY to print on paper! Don’t feel wasteful or not environmentally friendly. Printing with paper is sustainable and responsible! Let’s keep recycling and renewing this resource, as it is incredibly useful in every day life!

For more information about Two Sides, go here:


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