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Customer Spotlight: Nathan Rhoads

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Nathan Rhoads has been creating art for over 20 years. He graduated with honors from Point Loma Nazarene University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrating in oil and watercolor. Abstract Expressionism is how one would define the majority of his work. However, he can change gears and move from abstract to representational very easily. His current medium of choice is oil.


In 2008, he established Studio 513, a design company specializing in branding and identity design, fine art and sold goods. Over the course of his career, he has worn many hats performing various job functions as creative director, art director, designer, artist, copywriter, photographer and illustrator. Paperjam Press is proud to have printed these amazing cards:


Nathan lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Nicki and their two boys, Jameson and Macallan, along with their Italian Greyhuahua, Steve.

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