Customer Spotlight: Whimsical Obsession

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Whimsical Obsession is a Portland-based business currently run out of a garage in the SE area. “It was born out of my love of gardening and finding treasures at our local thrift stores, antique and gardening shops.  It also gives me motivation to do my part in recycling and repurposing wonderful kitchen, gardening and  home decor items by adding succulents and sedum and giving them “new life”.” Jodi’s best days are when she attends an estate sale and finds unique, one-of-a kind containers that she can use in creating her special succulent gardens. The pleasure of seeing a customer’s face light up when they fall in love with the container garden is the most exciting part!


As her business evolves, Jodi has found that the best way to market the container gardens is by showcasing them locally. People love to pick them up and really get a good look at them! Most of her customers either purchase the container garden for themselves or to give as a gift. “I even had a customer purchase two of my “enamelware” coffee mug gardens to bring on the plane back to Brooklyn, NY!”



She launched her website,, in late May of this year. She posted pictures of the empty containers and tried to sell them as DIY kits which included the container, soil, gravel and plants. The shipping of the containers posed a challenge, and looking for the best way to give outstanding customer service, she didn’t want to ship any products that would become damaged in transit. So now, she only offers local delivery of the container gardens. She keeps her website updated with pictures of her current inventory of containers that can be used for any special order requests. “In my travels around Portland, I find really fun garden ornaments that I would love to display in my garden, but don’t have the room, so this gave me the excuse to create a section dedicated to vintage garden ornaments on both the website and Etsy.” Her Etsy Shop showcases a selection of fun and unique products for purchase.


“I joined a new co-op, Artisan Portland, on August 20th to further get a foothold in local brick and mortar shops. Artistic Portland is composed of 44 local artists, from Portland to Vancouver, who all bring very unique handmade products into one shop-making it a shoppers paradise!” She keeps a fun inventory of tender succulent Terrariums that are for indoor enjoyment, and hardy succulent container gardens that can withstand our NW weather. The shop is run by the artists, giving them a sense of ownership, and it is a good incentive to help in its success. Artistic Portland is located at:4042 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97212.


“I am looking forward to participating in the upcoming Belmont Street Fair, on Saturday, September 14th from 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Whimsical Obsession was also just accepted to Handmade NW as one of its vendors, so I am hoping to participate in their OHSU Heart Research Center Holiday Bazaar in November and the Formal Holiday Artisan’s Fair in early December.”  Keep updated on where Jodi will be by visiting her Facebook page at “I love being able to share a bit of my obsession, gardening and whimsy, fun artifacts with my customers and look forward to meeting more as my business grows.”

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Jodi Seits Hang Tag