Customer Spotlight: Alice in Wonderland Leads to Marriage

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Don’t you just love seeing people in love? It’s so beautiful and inspiring to find 2 people that met by chance and connected on an unspeakable level, and then see how they live life completely united everyday. We had the priveledge of working with Kara and Jeff on their wedding suite, which was based around Alice in Wonderland. It turns out that the theme for their wedding is the reason they met!

Jeff regularly frequented the Portland bar, Bartini, and one day was approached by a beautiful, red-haired girl. She commented on his Cheshire Cat tattoo and said “Look, I have one too!” After getting up enough courage, he went up to talk to her, but things didn’t work out. A few weeks went by, and he was upset about never seeing her again, until a girl noticed his Cheshire Cat tattoo and remarked that they had a mutual acquaintance. Jeff was to come to Bartini the next evening at 6:00 to meet the red-haired girl.

Jeff and Kara

The next evening, Kara and Jeff talked over drinks and fell in love. After two years together, they decided to tie the knot. We simply adore their story and their ideas for the invitations. We designed a square gatefold invitation as the perfect way to show off the many fun images of Alice in Wonderland. By adding the personalized invitation scrolled on the inside and the Cheshire Cat to the RSVP card, a tone has been set for a fun and playful wedding.