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Bring Some “Newness” Into Your Life

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Spring is in the air, despite dreary Portland weather. March came in like a lion, but we can already feel the days getting longer and the gorgeous smell of spring around the corner. This time of year always feel like a rebirth of happiness and a time to start fresh.


Here are some ideas to bring newness into your life:
1) Pick up a new hobby: look through our Worthy Prints sections and get some great ideas for starting up photography, painting, or crafting. Expressing your creativity can do wonders.

2) Try a new restaurant and shop: we started out the new year by encouraging you to shop locally and explore the businesses in your neighborhood. Mix up your regular routine and go somewhere different for date night this month.

3) Rearrange your style: move the couch to a different spot in your living room and try wearing a scarf or sweater a different way. Maybe it’s time to try a new hair color or do you’ve been thinking about.

4) Random Acts of Kindness: this might not be something new for you to try, so keep it up if you are. If you haven’t yet felt the goodness from doing simple like buying coffee for the person behind you in line, leaving extra quarters at the laundromat, or passing out hand made crafts to strangers, try it this March.

Tell us what you do to keep things fresh and new in your life when spring arrives!