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2013 Resolution: Buy Local

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Portland is known for it’s unique vibe. We can thank great entrepreneurs, designers, chefs, artists and more for putting roots into the town and making it their own. There’s nothing you can’t find in Portland and everything you want to find is usually pretty close by. We have made a New Years Resolution to buy local. Not only in Portland, but in our neighborhood.

Here is a pretty easy understanding of how buying local effects your community:

Benefits include keeping your neighbors employeed, reducing your carbon footprint, and supporting community initiatives. Ultimately, it leads to more money in your pocket when others support your business. We are located in the Beaumont Village area of NE Portland. We love buying bagels at Bagel Land, eating frozen yogurt at Yo Choice, drinking beer at Bottles, dining at Alameda Cafe, and keeping our car running well at Hal Jones Automotive. In return, those businesses come to us for printing needs.

We can’t wait to support even more local businesses this year. We know it will help ourselves and our local economy. Tell us about your neighborhood and who you like to support.