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Customer Spotlight: Masala Pop

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Neha Patel is our most delicious customer. She started Masala Pop, a local popcorn company. The idea behind her treats came from her mother, who would spice up her popcorn with lentil chips.

Masala Pop became an official, sustainable business featuring this spicy-yet-sweet popcorn in October 2011.


Neha has experimented with other Indian flavors and they are now available through the website: Tamarind Sesame with Papadams and Chai Masala with Oregon Hazlenuts. Each flavor features a hand blended group of spices, organic agave, organic coconut palm sugar or cane sugar, rBGH free butter or pure coconut oil. The treat is all natural and gluten-free. The popcorn is made in small batches, as orders come in, so you can enjoy the freshness.

Like the labels on the bags? We do too. They were printed here at Paperjam Press. Check out Masala Pop’s facebook to see where they are currently selling their products. You can always order through their website. A bag of popcorn is a perfect holiday gift!