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Answers your July question…


What does the FSC code mean on paper products?


Good question!  I have never noticed those initials before, let alone, know what they stood for, so I did a little research using one of those newfangled, what’re they called–Search Engines!  Here’s what I found out:

These initials are part of 4 major forestry certification programs.  Forest certification is widely seen as the most important movement of the last ten years promoting better forest management.  It is a mechanism for monitoring forests, tracing and testing lumber, wood and pulp products and non-timber products, like PAPER!

Here is the real simple answer to your question–paper mills are watched over by people who care about the forests — they give out these initials to let us consumers know that good things are being done to protect the way our forests are managed.

So, if you see FSC, SFI, ATFS, or PEFC — just know that this is good….You want to see these initials on your paper products — and ask your printer about this.  They should be using paper from mills that follow good forest management.  And if they are  not, well…switch printers!!!  I know a very good printer if you need a recommendation.

So now you know something you didn’t know ten minutes ago!