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The Question:

Why do you have a beauty queen holding a flag as your logo?  I don’t get it–what does a beauty queen have to do with printing?

The Answer:

If you look at the byline, you’ll see it says “The beauty of digital printing”.  Now back in the 1950’s when I won the bathing beauty title, digital printing hadn’t been invented yet.  Back in those days, all printing was done on a printing press, with negatives and photostats to be made, messy ink to be used, and thousands of prints being made, costing hundreds of dollars.  So I think that digital printing is beautiful because it’s easier, faster and economical.  Nowadays, the beauty of digital printing means there are no set-up time or fees, smaller quantities can be printed on demand; therefore avoiding useless outdated inventory to be thrown out. Ordering re-prints is a breeze, and is much less time consuming, saving money which can be passed on to customers.  And the best part is, digital printing is still considered a newer technology and advancements are being made each day, which has resulted in greatly improved color reproductions.

So that’s why digital printing makes an American Beauty extra appealing!  And don’t you think printing needs to have a sexier image?

‘Bye till next time!