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Ask the Paperjam GirlQuestion:

Isn’t paper really bad for the environment?


Heavens No!  You see, paper can be used again and again because it’s made from a natural resource… And thanks to the miracle of modern technology, paper is one of the most sustainable products in the world. One of my favorite things is that 1.7 million trees are planted EVERY DAY.   And, did you know paper mills are for the most part energy self-sufficient and 65% of this energy comes from renewable fuels?  Yep — the manufacture of paper is one of the cleanest industries and accounts for only 1.1% of carbon dioxide emissions in the whole world.  As Miss Paperjam Press, I have learned so much about paper.  So this begs the question: True or false– beauty queens can be both pretty AND smart.  True!  and I’ll bet my tiara on it!