• Stefan Milo
    Stefan Milo

    They did my wedding invitations and and a couple of other pieces of design work for me. I was really happy with the end product and they were super friendly and communicative throughout the whole process.

  • Lucas

  • Tish C.
    Tish C.

    So, I went here to get some business cards printed.  I ended up getting Julie to help me with a design as well.  While I think this place is a bit overpriced, the amount of money spent there wasn't the/my issue.  The people are ok, I guess, to include the woman owner, but just aren't overtly friendly.  Also there is a guy who sits behind a big computer in the middle of the store, I was in there 3 times and he didn't smile at me once.  Again, I just wouldn't call it a (super) friendly place.  It doesn't have that warm friendly feel to it, and for this reason, I won't go back. I left the experience with a rather bad taste in my mouth and not because I was unhappy with the product, just the people and the place. I urge Portlanders to seek out more friendly print shops; I hope to find one soon!

  • L. L.
    L. L.

    Paperjam does a good job with printing, but I've had a few issues. I got a one page calendar printed one year and was incredibly satisfied with the results and price. So I go back the next year to get the calendar printed, same size and paper choice, and it was literally twice the price. When I asked them about this they just said the cost of paper went up, but I have a hard time believing it doubled in a year. (I'm an artist and I buy paper all the time.) I was disappointed because I budgeted it to be the same cost of printing as the year before. I literally have no idea why the price would double for the exact same thing. I got less printed because of this, and asked if I could get more printed later if needed. They said yes and did not explain any stipulations. I nearly sold out and got a request for a bigger order of calendars, so I called and asked if I could get 5 printed, and I find out they have a $40 minimum. Which obviously it would be pointless for me to buy that many more. I wish they had better explained to me why the price was doubled, and that they had a minimum. Their prices are nowhere on the website. It's too bad because the results are pretty good - but I don't think I'll be getting my calendars or anything printed here again.

  • Robert H.
    Robert H.

    Absolutely outstanding work in helping us design and then print a large photo card to be given people attending a memorial.Quick, reasonable price.Professional and personable.

"We love working with Paperjam! The laser prints look crisp and the colors are true. It’s also great value for the cost. The staff are all so helpful and responsive. They always let us know exactly what they need from our designer and they do a great job of guiding us through any technical issues. As a small local restaurant we also enjoy working with and supporting another small local business that is doing great work."

Heather Julius, The People’s Pig

"Paperjam Press offered me a lot of options with my 30-page booklet for a client. I was able to get suggestions on paper stock and weight, and the final product was a beautiful keepsake for my client, who was also thrilled. Paperjam understands the details involved in creating publications and print products that also function as works of art – worthy of being kept, rather than discarded."

Elizabeth Haidle, designer

"Awesome customer service & quality of product"

Rodger Mores, Ram Cellars

"Thanks so much for the envelopes that we can use to send cards out to our donors I know they will appreciate them! This is a great gift to us.  Thanks for making a difference in the community by what you do both in your work and in this generous gift."

Lina Jo Devlaeminck | Program Director, Community of Hope

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