November Newsletter – Give Thanks

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Lettie Jane Rennecamp

Every year Lettie Jane illustrates a calendar and we look forward to finding our favorite holidays. Last year, she limited herself to black and white, so this year’s colorful explosion is a delightful contrast.

Lettie Jane Makes

Logan Letter Company

Kylee at Logan Letter Company has a set of new prints and cards. Find her on Instagram, in our shop, and at Tender Loving Empire.

Logan Letter Co Instagram  

Abbie Lewis

Every year Abbie sends off a holiday card of artwork she has painted.  We scan her painting, set up the card, and add a holiday message inside. This year she chose our cotton paper with a deckle edge to show off her painting!

Do You Know?

Corporate holiday cards
What makes a good photo for a Christmas card?  Here’s a few tips we’ve found make the best looking Christmas cards

    1. Choose Your Setting A clean, uncluttered background ensures the focus is on you and your family.
    2. Leave White Space Choose a photo that has extra whitespace around everyone. Some designs have a text overlay on top of the photo and it might not be an option if any overlay will cover a face. christmas cards
    3. Don’t Forget About Lighting While we can do some photo editing to make sure your photo prints the best it can, we can’t change Uncle Murrey’s squinty eyes.  Aim for soft natural lighting that lights everyone’s face evenly without squinting —  overcast days tend to provide better lighting than super sunny days (great for us Portlanders!)
    4. Show off your personality!  Obsessed with your pet? Make sure they are included! Find a photo or design that reflects who you are and what you care about.  holiday card printing

What’s Up?

Fremont Holiday Fest

The annual Fremont Holiday Fest is coming up on Friday, December 6th from 1:30-7pm!  Come enjoy photos with Santa Claus (and Santa Paws!), stores open late for Holiday shopping, and crafts!  We’ll be hosting our annual card making event. 

For more information or to sign up for photos with Santa, visit