What to Include on Your Business Brochure

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Every business seeks creative methods to reach their customers. An eye-popping brochure can be a powerful method to provide your customers with important take-home information. There are a number of tricks to design a more productive brochure. Once it is designed and printed, distribute the brochure at hotels, tourism offices, direct mail and more!

A Powerful Headline

Every brochure should include a powerful headline on the cover which depicts the company mission. For example, “Experience a Taste of Italy with an Italian Cooking Class”. The headline will prompt people to pick up the brochure and continue reading.

Basic Information

The basic information on a brochure is similar to what is included on a business card:

  • Logo
  • Company Name
  • Contact Information

Additionally, you may decide to include hours depending on your product or service. For example, a museum would want to include hours.

Keep it Simple

People want the most information is the shortest time possible. Keep your brochure simple with only the facts.

If you are a providing Italian cooking classes, provide a list of the classes with a short description, the date and time for each class. You do not need to explain the history of Italy. Focus on what interests your audience and provide them with an accurate understanding of what you can offer and how you will do it.

Include a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action with an incentive is optional but leads to higher conversions. Many companies add call-to-actions, such as 10% off, a free estimate or gift. While you may feel like you are giving something away, those customers often refer friends and family to your business.

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