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Customer Spotlight: Leah Nirschel

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            While on a brief hiatus from her day job, Leah, a Portland local artist, rediscovered her love of sketching and colored pencils. Searching for a creative outlet to balance the practical demands of nursing, she started to explore the idea of a greeting card line.

            One afternoon while rummaging through her art cabinet she discovered some of her old sketches, using these drawings as inspiration, she began to design new images. The results, greeting cards that are a simple, yet colorful blend of whimsy and wonder, and sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who chances upon them. Leah’s greeting cards are simple and sophisticated, and most definitely sure to make both the giver and receiver feel extra special.


When she is not designing her cards, you will find Leah continuing her nursing studies as well as exploring alternative health and wellness practices (because eastern and western medicine really do make a wonderful pairing). She recently discovered Salsa dancing and believes that most of life’s problems could be solved if we all danced more. She thinks a perfectly brewed cup of hot goodness on a cold day with a friend is, pretty much, heaven and ponders whether or not her horoscope is really a helpful tool for deciding how to plan her week.

           As Leah’s first venture into greeting card land, she is selling her line of digitally printed linen paper cards exclusively at Paperjam. She is excited to see how her new business unfolds! 

leahnirschelshelfangContact Leah via email, @ [email protected]